Special Projects

We are planning an exciting collaboration with Portland, Oregon photographer, Debbie Baxter of the Nest Project.


The North Shore Nest Project brings together a variety of artists to present a transformative, interactive healing arts experience as people begin to come out of their "nests," post-pandemic. Originally scheduled for June 2020, we have now pressed the "pause" button until we are more certain about how the worldwide pandemic will play itself out. This is a time for all of us to "Nest" and stay at home.

We will update you on this amazing event as we know more. For now, please know that this will ultimately be an experience that brings about community, connection, the opportunity for healing as well as a way to explore and celebrate our collective roots & wings!

Stay tuned to find out how we will all be working together with:
Peyton Pugmire, Creative Spirit Gallery
Lisa Kawski, Sound Healing for the Soul
Donna Jenson, Time to Tell
Katie Bourgeois, Bourgeois Films

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