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My name is Carla and I am an artist, mother, and healer.  I live on the North Shore of Massachusetts, a hop skip and a jump from the ocean in the town of Beverly.  

I help women connect with themselves and others through different transformative art experiences.

I am excited to start working with women and mothers, helping them connect to themselves, with each other, and to their children through different transformative art experiences.  I look forward to  exploring with them and inviting them to embody the full range of their creative potential.  I am a classically trained artist, having studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia and have taught art for over 20 years.  My work is informed by my own meditative practice, deepening my connection to the world I see, feel, and hear.   

In addition to receiving Reiki II atunement from Jessica Schaffer, I have also trained under Tami Lynn Kent, founder of Holistic Pelvic Care and author of Wild Feminine.  Currently in the process of setting up a home studio, I have oodles of ideas in art classes and workshops for the next year, hoping to help draw out more awesomeness and creativity that each and every one of us possess.  

“A portrait from Carla is unlike anything else I have experienced. It offers a look into who 'I am' in a way that art alone cannot capture. I have felt energetic shifts in my healing after a session, and appreciate the drawings she creates as a focus for my meditation.

Sarah Lambert

My Offerings


Group Workshops weekly, special workshops and events, and more! See the schedule and reserve your spot.



Classes will be coming soon, so check back for more details!

One-on-One Sessions

I'm available for initial consultations; Energy Portraits; and private Belly Bowl sessions. Get more information and book online.


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