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Belly Bowls

The process includes meeting the mother and making the bowl, an energy session before the bowl has dried and is fired for the first time, another energy session after the first firing as the process of glazing unfolds, and a third and final session after the second firing. I will deliver the bowl when it is complete.  

  • a good time to schedule a bowl making session is typically anytime after 36 weeks of pregnancy

  • mothers are asked to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing

  • mothers can expect to be sitting for approximately 30-45 minutes while I place coils on her belly 

  • the entire process takes about 1 to 1/2 hours, depending if I go to a mother's location or if she comes to my studio 

  • bowls will be delivered by me 4-8 weeks after our session, and can be personalized on the bottom with baby's name and birth date

  • necklaces will be given during time of the sitting, so they may be worn in the time leading up to baby's birth

  • I use a few different glazes, and while doing the energy work, am directed as to which glazes to use

  • every bowl shape is unique, and given the natural tendencies of the clay spiraling upon itself and shrinkage during drying, some cosmetic imperfections, including hairline cracks may occur.

    The cost of this blessed belly bowl offering is customizable with a base price of $300, and begins with an initial phone consultation.

The Belly Bowl Process

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