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“A portrait from Carla is unlike anything else I have experienced. It offers a look into who 'I am' in a way that art alone cannot capture. I have felt energetic shifts in my healing after a session, and appreciate the drawings she creates as a focus for my meditation.

Sarah Lambert

It was really amazing watching you work and feeling the energy that you captured on the page. I  could feel my own body and energy shifting as you worked. It was a very angelic experience; almost like an angelic portrait of me at that moment. I felt very comfortable and safe with you even though I had never had any portrait of myself done before, let alone an energetic portrait.

- Jessica Malabanan

Seeing myself in a drawing was fascinating. I specifically asked for a realistic drawing because I wanted to be able to recognize myself. There ended up being differences between the left and right half of my face. Carla and I explored the meaning of this a bit and it turned out to echo an inner divide between my left and right brain and pointed to a need for integration of the two sides of me -- as well as pointing to an inherent strength of combining disparate philosophies and worlds (I’m a business geek on one side, and a spiritual practitioner on the other). It was an accurate metaphorical reflection of my inner world. After the session I felt a release of energy, joy and aliveness. I think there is something about being seen and witnessed on a deep level that heals things we may not even be aware of.

- Emma McCreary

I had the privilege to sit for Carla while she did a “spiritual drawing” of me. During the sitting, I was aware of a deep spiritual connection between Carla and myself that she was able to achieve. The drawing itself evoked deep feelings. As I continued to look at it in the coming days, it showed me more and more of its meaning. The drawing indicated a draining of spiritual energy. Later, I was able to have a complete healing of this “spiritual drain”. I think that the first step to this healing was the realization of it, which Carla was able to commit to paper through the spiritual drawing. Thank you, Carla.

- Jeanette, Milwaukie, OR