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One-on-One Sessions

Energy Portraits
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Ever look in the mirror and wonder who’s there or who is looking back? Or wish you could see yourself a little bit better?


Sometimes life presents us with challenges and makes it hard for us to see or understand things clearly.  We may get frustrated, stuck, angry and filled with self-doubt.  We may feel tender, invisible, reflective and motivated to deepen an awareness of who we are in order to feel better and move on.


As a professional artist with keen observational and sensory awareness, I act as a mirror and reflect back a piece of you in the form of visual art. Similar to Reiki, the healing energy that moves through me goes directly where it is needed. This occurs at a level that is appropriate and most beneficial for you at the time.  Energetic healing may occur on a physical, emotional, spiritual, or soul level. I invite you to become comfortable and relaxed; there is no need to pose in the traditional sense.


During our session together, I will open myself up and allow energy to move through my hands onto a piece of paper. I may also interact with the paper or make other hand gestures that facilitate the art/energy/healing process. Every energy portrait is unique, just like you, and every piece reveals itself in the moment.


Some have found that their experiences are quite deep, and may require additional therapeutic support to fully process what may come up at a session. I encourage you to seek this support if necessary to completely integrate healing into your life.


I believe that you are the greatest piece of art, a most wonderful creation. I also believe in the transformative power of the creative act. Art Moves. Art Connects. Art Heals. 


Come. Let me see you. Let me help you see yourself.
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For more information about what an energy portrait is like, please feel free to book a complimentary consultation.


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