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Guided Imagery: A Four-Workshop Series
Saturdays starting in January 2020, dates TBD
$165 for four workshops
Led by Medium Jamie Day and Holistic Artist Carla Orr

When making art we can get into the “flow.” Ever wonder what else might be guiding you when you are in that super-duper connected space?

Our creative center is also our intuitive center. Join Medium Jamie Day and holistic artist Carla Orr in this 4-part collaborative series of guided imagery at the Ladies Entrance Holistic Art Studio.

Jamie will guide us through a meditation on a topic increasing our ability to connect to our intuition. Carla will provide collage and other art materials you so we can visually capture what we have connected to within ourselves.

Come willing to reflect, cut, and paste; be open to what guided imagery is waiting to emerge! Leave with a stronger sense of your intuitive nature and inner guidance. 

Light refreshments will also be served during this special workshop series. 

 Topics are:  

 The Art of Manifestation

 Creating with Your Inner Child

 Messages and Gifts for Yourself 

 Connecting with Passed Loved Ones 

Pimples & Periods
Friday, 11/1 *free* for parents/caregivers - 7:30-9pm
Saturday, 2/1 "The Basics" workshop for ages 8-12 - 9am-11am
Saturday, 2/1 "Plus" workshop for ages 10-14 - 12:30pm-2:30pm
Led by Kristin Procter

Are you wondering how to start "the talk" with your daughter? Pimples and Periods is an inclusive and affirming educational session that helps start the conversation about the social, emotional and physical changes that occur during puberty.


There will be interactive activities (drawing, trivia, question time), discussions and practical tips on managing periods. All questions will be answered factually, including the importance of discussing personal values with family. All participants will leave with a small 'period pack' they can stash in their backpack. Book lists will also be provided.

Kristin Procter has her Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology and has worked as a counsellor and educator for over twenty years. Although she has taught a variety of subjects, her favorite topics are sexual health, relationships and well-being. Currently she coaches soccer and swimming, as well as working in the public school system. Questions? Contact: