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The Power of a Cookie

Sometimes support can come to us in split second, when we least expect it. Sometimes even the smallest of kind gestures we receive can have an incredible impact, without the giver even knowing.

Two weeks ago I was sitting alone, my hands holding my face, pretty upset at my local coffee shop. It was probably 8:59 pm. They closed at 9. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, the barista who was sweeping up placed a cookie on a piece of wax paper in front of me. “Here’s a cookie” he announced and just as swiftly went back to what he was doing.

Before I could catch my breath to say “Thank you” I was flooded with gratitude, and choked up when I finally got the words out.

Did this barista know that I absolutely loved Italian butter cookies with the multi colored sprinkles? That they remind me of my childhood, being raised in an Italian household and that I had fond memories of going to buy those exact cookies at the Italian bakery across the street from my grandmother’s house while growing up? Probably not...

The next day I was with my friend, who also grew up in an Italian household. We were at a farmer’s stand, and low and behold, a specialty bakery was selling the same type of cookies! I told my friend the story of how I received my surprise cookie. I had no idea that the cookie would connect me to an offering of a supportive and listening ear the next day. As we savored this second round of my childhood comfort, I was able to tell her what was upsetting me at the coffee shop the day before. Everything that I was experiencing in that moment with my hands in my face became so much more manageable.

I’ve witnessed this same type of listening, support, and connection in the Wild Feminine Groups I have run in the past. In these groups we first gather around with some tea and treats. Then we begin with circling together and simply listening to where we are all at in the moment. What it all comes down to is, witnessing.

We may have moments in our lives when it can be difficult to be with all of our emotions. Sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed, and possibly even so very alone, in what we are going through. You never know the impact that one seemingly small gesture, down to a cookie crumb, can have in helping light up a person’s day or adding a little bit of love to it. All those “pennies from heaven” can add up when we give kindness and receive kindness, enriching our lives.

As a substitute teacher, I often get to read the many posters of support that hang up in classrooms. Last week, in a math classroom no less, a pink frosted donut with sprinkles, eyes, and two arms in the air stared across at me, stating “Donut Give up”. The one to the right of me read “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

The barista, in a split second, in his gesture of kindness, reminded me that I was, in fact, seen, and my friend, the next day, heard.

I am happy to announce that I will be offering two new groups this fall, a Wild Feminine Art Circle and a Wild Creative Art Circle. I invite women, mothers, and pregnant women who wish to connect monthly over cookie crumbs, art supplies, discussion, and the pages of Tami Lynn Kent’s books, Wild Feminine and Wild Creative, to join me.

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