Carla Orr, Owner of The Ladies Entrance

Welcome to The Ladies Entrance

Step inside, Ladies, to your creative center. It's time to draw it all out!

Access your body's inherent wisdom and connect to YOU---
the greatest work of art there is!



The North Shore Nest Project is in the works! This is a collaborative, transformative, interactive, multi-media arts event that aims to bring about community, connection and healing, after our "pandemic nesting" period.


We hold a variety of special events, often in collaboration with other local artists.



Weekly community workshops are held on Friday nights. Learn more about our upcoming sessions.


Private one-on-one Energy Portraits, Belly Bowls and Holistic Pelvic Care consultations are available.


The Studio


The Ladies Entrance is a community studio dedicated to unleashing creative energy in a fun and supportive group environment.

The studio is located in beautiful Beverly, MA at

16 Thorndike Street

(corner of Thorndike and Brown; the studio entrance is on Brown Street)

Workshops & Offerings
Energy Portrait

Free Monthly Come Create Nights

Come check out The Ladies Entrance during one of our free, monthly Come Create Nights! Did you know that the New Moon is the perfect time to start a new creative project or to set creative intentions for the month? Bring a friend! Bring your mother! Bring your daughter! This is a community craft night for women of all ages.   LEARN MORE>>


Belly Bowls

A Belly Bowl is a container of the unique life spirit that embodies you while in the womb. It connects mother with earth, spirit with form.  As you prepare for childbirth, I will create a spiral clay form on your belly. During the process of drying, bisque firing and glazing, I will interact with the bowl, opening myself up to energy and being guided throughout. The completed bowl will be imbued with an energetic blessing specific to your child's life journey and also be a keepsake of the special time you share with your child in utero.   LEARN MORE>>

Energy Portrait

Energy Portraits

As a professional artist with keen observational and sensory awareness, I act as a mirror and reflect back a piece of you in the form of visual art. Similar to Reiki, the healing energy that moves through me goes directly where it is needed. Every energy portrait is unique, just like you, and every piece reveals itself in the moment.   LEARN MORE>>

Belly Bowl

Special Workshops

In addition to Come Create Nights, there are a variety of other workshops offered, sometimes in partnership with other local art institutions, organizations, artists and healers. Sign up for our e-newsletter (below) for upcoming workshop announcements.    SEE ALL WORKSHOPS>>